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Friends of the SL Shakespeare Company

Friends of the SLSC is an organization of eager and responsible Shakespeare and theatre lovers in Second Life and beyond who contribute valuable hours of service and support throughout the year.
The SLSC supports both theatrical and non-theatrical Shakespeare and Classics endeavors in Second Life. Different roles offer volunteers different levels of involvement with Second Life’s premier performance troupe and Shakespeare & Classics organization.

The following volunteers are needed to help with each show season:


The purpose of the Ushers programme is to provide SLSC patrons with timely, accurate, and consistent information about SLSC programmes and activities, and to be a significant source of administrative assistance behind the scenes at a live SLSC show.

1. The MC Usher leads a guided tutorial that helps the audience get setup for each live performance. The MC Usher also cues the audience on the usage of enhancement technologies for each show, such as the subtitle HUD’s, ctl alt F1, etc. The MC Usher(s) are casted.

2. The QA Usher mediates with other QA ushers to handle requests for help from the audience through individual IM.

3. The Seating Usher is responsible for TP-ing participants who may get trapped in-between prims as they cross the sim-borders. During a live show, they should scan the audience for potential TP’s needed. They may also guide audiences to seats. The Skin City and sLiterary sims have views that also include English subtitles on the bottom, while the Primtings sim has a view that does not include subtitles.

Greeters & Tour Guides

In the near future, the Shakespeare island sim will contain an immersive display of historically accurate architecture prominent in Shakespeare’s life. Many people may be entering SL for the first time through this venue, and many SL’ers who have not yet had the chance to venture into Shakespeare and the Classics on SL may be seeing it for the first time. We will need both tour guides and greeters.

The Tour Guide leads both groups and individuals around the sim, while dispensing valuable information in chat.

Greeters help introduce new users and those new to the sim, as they arrive at the main TP point.

Both Ushers and Greeters will go through a training program. Upon completion, an exquisite limited edition usher uniform will be issued, as well as a certificate and your name on a permanent stone foundation at the SL Globe Theatre.

To apply, simply email slscfriends@gmail.com with the following information:
Your SL Name
Availability for the next Month (or more)
Position interested
Skills & Interests

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