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Which Shakespearean characters would you like to see zooming around on ice skates for 24 hours in December in the virtual world of Second Life? (You can also share your ideas here, too!)

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Romeo & Juliet :P
I'd like to see Lady Macbeth, Ophelia and Shylock on ice skates.
Henry VIII
Katherina / Kate in "The Taming of The Shrew"


Andrea Demonge
The mechanicals! Bottom will sing to show he is not afraid...
I'd have to go with Romeo and Juliet too :)
Act 5 Scene 1 from the prolougue as spoken by QUINCE in A Midsummer Nights Dream :P
yes, that does seem a fitting bit of irreverence for these obie characters :-D

Quince's Prologue from MSND V.i:
If we offend, it is with our good will.
That you should think we come not to offend,
But with good will. To show our simple skill,
That is the true beginning of our end.
Consider then we come but in despite.
We do not come as minding to contest you,
Our true intent is. All for your delight
We are not here. That you should here repent you,
The actors are at hand, and by their show
You shall know all that you are like to know.
I quite like the idea of characters from Romeo and Juliet.

How about Romeo and Juliet together, the friar and the nursemaid, Mercutio and Tybalt (perhaps duelling).

Falstaff also seems somehow appropriate if we are going with Henry.
Several people have told me that they like Henry V...once more unto the ice, once more...but I don't know, personally, I'd be interested in seeing the mechanicals...
mmmh... Puck.


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