The Virtual Shakespeare Consortium

Here's my initial idea and application to Plurk API:

"Plurk Shakespeare Company" - I plan to register automaton accounts
for the names of actors in each Shakespearean play presented by the
"Plurk Shakespeare Company" A main plurk.com/PlurkShakespeareCo
account (to be registered) will list the (automaton plurk account)
cast and time intervals from which a plurk play is in duration (this
will be used for both archiving plurk timeline intervals that mark the
occurance of a play, as well as announcements). Each play will be
"presented" by automaton accounts with names of the form
PSCo[Character Name] - such as PSCoRomeo or PSCoMercutio, for example.
Each plurk will be a line (or as much that will fit in the plurk) from
the play. The play will flow "chronologically," with each automaton
actor plurker plurking in subsequent plurks, as "each line is 'spoken
via plurk'", based on Shakespeare's original script. Audience must
follow the timelines of all players in a play to hear all lines (they
can keep track of whom to follow on PlurkShakespeareCo account). The
fun of it is that anyone can comment in reply to any line, and people
will get to "experience" a Shakespearean play inline with the events
in their own lives, on their own plurk timelines.

Thoughts welcome!


Production Flow:

Main tMSCo account plurks the cast info per play, linking to each tMSCo actor's timeline, and states when show will occur. Another plurk is posted when the show begins. tMSCo avatar changes to the current playbill.

Each tMSCo actor will say things sequentially, according to a master bot'd prompt book. Each passage will be a single plurk, with subsequent lines plurked rapidly as replies.* The audience may freely comment on each plurk. For lines spoken by another actor following immediately after the previous, they will be plurked immediately, otherwise, a set-random amount of time will elapse before the next is posted. One idea for time limits might be to "plurk out" an act per day, to finish most plays in a single week.

When someone private-plurk's an actor, during a show, they will get the firstline from the last thing they've said. When someone private-plurks tMSCo, they will get details on whom to follow.

Once a play is over, the tMSCo avatar changes back to its default avatar, and will take voting bids for the next play to put on. PP'd actor's will give a random line from any of their lines in the entire play. (For clarity, each name will exist in its own play, so the naming convention would go something like tMSCo{Play Name}{Actor Name}.)

The main tMSCo plurk subsite will eventually have its own integrated "pseudo-plurk" timeline that auto-follows all the actors.

* Possible inline footnotes included, and maybe visuals as well.

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I'm in!
Just got a reply. It looks like this project will have to change its name - good thing I found out before its start ;-)

Any suggestion for names?


from Alvin Woon
to ina.centaur
cc support
date Mon, Jan 11, 2010 at 4:41 PM
subject Re: Feedback received from Ina Centaur [api]
mailed-by plurk.com
signed-by plurk.com
hide details 4:41 PM (17 minutes ago)
Hi Ina,

Plurk is a copyrighted name of our company and product. I like your idea but you should look for other name variations and replace the word 'Plurk' because the current one can cause confusion to our users and consumers. For example, it's not ok to register name like "Microsoft Fruit company' or 'Google car wash' because their lawyers will hunt you down.

Hope you understand.


Plurk offers link-masking, so clickable footnotes could even be embedded in the plurk...

Also, Plurk emoticons and plurk speech qualifiers!
Oh, and the sonnets will be txt'd by a dedicated SonnetBot! Just like the actor's pp's behavior above in live/offshow, but you just have to follow one SonnetBot to *get them all!*
Another idea is BardWord Ad's - selected inline words that randomly link to a list of advertisers..


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