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Shakespeare wrote more than plays - his sonnets are quite stunning, and I would suggest they might perhaps lend themselves to a visual rendering of their rich imagery in SL - what do you think? And there could be readings of the sonnets too

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Coming in late on this discussion..... I sometimes see Hamlet as a 32 year old not-sure-what-to-do-with-himself Metrosexual who really doesn't want to be stuck at the family home in Dakota, and pines for his early 20s in NYC. That would explain his acting like a teenager.

(no offense to Dakota!)
Well, I've not been to Dakota, but I'm not sure that 32 explains his impulsiveness - especially over his relationship with Ophelia - that's one reason why I would place him as old as that
LOL JJ! I have to quote you on this sighting: "32 year old not-sure-what-to-do-with-himself Metrosexual"

... but yes, there are definitely a variety of interpretations of H ;-P
Heheh yeah there's a variety alright - But surely Hamlet is this pimply guy with a cricket team moustache (11 a side) who realises that his job options are limited and he's never gonna be the engine driver he always dreamed of being, and princes always seem go from chat-up to 'it's complicated' without ever getting laid... No wonder he's mixed up!
@jerry for some reason the image of Hamlet you've painted looks like Austion Powers... o.O

something that may be fun -- a streotypical 1970-esque interpretation of a Shakespearean tragedy...
OMG Ina - what an awesome idea! a 1970s Shakespeare (with Shaft music!) and an Austen Powers Hamlet... yeah baby :-) I can see the set now - all orange and green with bean bags and Rosencrantz hiding behind the macrame wall hanging!


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