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Shakespeare wrote more than plays - his sonnets are quite stunning, and I would suggest they might perhaps lend themselves to a visual rendering of their rich imagery in SL - what do you think? And there could be readings of the sonnets too

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This sounds very interesting. Did you have any specific sonnet in mind for which you had some visual imagery? I will have to look through some tonight to see how this might be done.

And I love the idea of poetic readings.
Not specific yet - perhaps "Shall I compare thee to a Summer's day..." (sonnet 18)

How's this for Shakespeare's description of SL:

"What is your substance, whereof are you made,
That millions of strange shadows on you tend?
Since every one, hath every one, one shade,
And you but one, can every shadow lend:
Describe Adonis and the counterfeit,
Is poorly imitated after you..."

It occurs to me that there is a rich soil for SL interpretation of these images
Oh, neat idea... a book of Shakespeare's sonnets complemented with SL imagery!
I'm visualizing an SL movie or perhaps some sort of montage of static pictures fading one into another. With background music of some sort.
Hmmm if it's a movie, it'd have to have sound, and the poems can't just be displayed... it should be read!

Corwyn's itching on volunteering his voice to read again ;-)
LOL. And did I mention I've found 11 lute songs that are referenced in Hamlet alone? Ross Duffin is my hero.

A montage of still could still have a musical background behind the readings. Sort of like this one;


A lovely montage of women in film from the early days to today.
Ah the gradual morphing change in characters' faces is almost frightful! Oh do send the lute songs and also a first reading of your fave sonnet if you're so inclined!
What I find particularly interesting is the shift back and forth over time of fashions in youth versus maturity in the faces - which speaks volumes about film-makers' views of beauty, and by extension the cultural norms reflected in the American film industry
Age of faces - I think it depends on which production you go to and the interpretation of the director. Hamlet, for example, is of disputable age. While he acts like a teenager, many claim he's actually 30-something.
Ah yes - age is no guarantor of maturity :-)
New thread! Hamlet's age!
pst new thread in the General section!


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